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Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Pope Made Me Forget I Was A Christian

When my husband was diagnosis with Cancer in 1996, he met a born again Christian. This born again Christian and his family spent countless hours with our family. They did everything from running errands to praying every day.

During that time I was still in the Catholic church and one of those Catholics that would defend my faith to the death.

Every now and then they would ask me a question that I really did not have answers for.

They would ask me why would I confess my sins to a man when I could confess my sins directly to Jesus..

Why would I place such emphasis on Mary the mother of Jesus when in the Bible, Mary was a women unlike myself and never in the Bible was Mary..

Questions I could not really answer.....

Well when my husband died in late 1996, I decided to repay this couple who was so kind with me by going to church with them.

Talk about a fish out of water.

I told myself that as soon as I got a chance, I was headed back to the Catholic Church.

Well little did I know that God had other plans for me.

I continued to go to Christian Churches but I always held a respect for Pope John Paul II.

Pope John Paul II made me forget that I was a Christian and even one of those Christians that left the Catholic Church.

Pope John Paul II did not care who you were..Christian, Jew, Muslim, Budist , or whatever. His message was the same as Jesus..love one another.

I think the most profound thing that the Pope did (and he did many), was to forgive Mehmet Ali Agca for shooting him.

Can you imagine forgiving the person who shot you...the person who tried to kill you...
The Pope could have made this an issue but he knew that he was mandated to forgive him.
I loved the Pope so much for this action.

I have never felt the need to hold the Pope up for anything more than who he really was.
A man who sought every day the Will of God...
A man who did not care if he was politically correct when it came to God's law..
A man who loved you no matter what you called yourself...
A man who was one of God's children...
May he rest in peace.


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