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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Why Michael Schiavo????

No I do not know the facts because I was not there.
But why Michael Schiavo would you not allow the parents to be in the room while their daughter took her last breath.
Not for one moment you could not think of someone else except of yourself.
These people gave birth to your wife.
Do you not realize that this was not for Terri but for the parents. To tell Terri in her last seconds that they did all that they could have done.
To speak to Terri and let her know that they were there.
To let Terri hear her mother and fathers voice one more time.
You took the stand that this was Terri's wanted.
But don't you also think that Terri would not have wanted of ALL of her family to be her at the end.
I know that some may think that this is not the behavior of a Christian but it is.
Because despite the fact that I am angry over this whole situation, I am angry over you not allowing her parents and siblings to be in the room when she died, I will repent my anger and pray for you.
I pray for your children and I will pray for the mother of your children.
God has the answer to the end.


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