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Friday, March 25, 2005

The house that God built

The enemy really wants to try to get things started but I am not going there.
In August 2004 our home was one of the thousands that were damaged by the hurricane.
This was the first time that we have ever been through a hurricane.
Hurricane Charlie was the first hurricane that hit our Central Florida home. Hurricane Charlie came on Friday August 13, 2004 around 10pm or so.
It was pretty quick in the scheme of things. It seems as though just a few hours had passed and it was over.
I was so thankful to God that everyone was safe.
Everyone in the neighborhood came outside to see what damages there were.
A lot of the huge oak trees were laying down in the street and on top of houses.
The thing that I will never forget is the layers and layers of roof shingles everywhere you looked.
I still laugh because all I kept saying is "where did all of these shingles come from".
Later the next day, I knew that most of the shingles came from my home.
I contacted State Farm my insurance company and made the first claim since having the policy.
When the adjuster came out to the house he only gave me funds for a partial roof.
I could not understand why he had made this decision because the house was leaking all over.
Of course, there were no roofers doing partial roof because of all of the complete roofs that they had to do.
Well things just got worst.
Our home was hit by two other Hurricanes in less than 2 months.
At the end of hurricane season my home lost the central air conditioning, the dryer, the ceiling in my daughter's room, electrical shorts, and now mold was growing.
There were times I have to admit that I grew faint.
After battling with State Farm as long as I could, I finally had to get an attorney. The mold in the house was getting so bad that 2 of our dogs died.
Finally State Farm gave us the money to move to a rental home while the repairs are being done.
Sometimes I have to try very very hard to remember that I am a Christian when dealing with State Farm.
Everyone in the neighborhood seems to have their life back together because their homes are repaired.
My home sits waiting for the repairs.
I finally had to remember that this situation to is in Gods hands.
I can not get discourage because it seems as if my home is the only home in the neighborhood that is not repaired.
It's in God's hands
I am learning an important lesson in patience.
I am learning how to pray for my adjuster, even when she does not display Christian like behavior.
I am learning that the house that I thought belonged to me really does not belong to me.
It belongs to God and He is going to put it back together for the Glory of His name.


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