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Sunday, March 27, 2005

He's not dead!!!

I am so thankful that after the dressing up for church and the special lunches and dinners today that Monday morning the message is the same as today. Our Lord Jesus Christ is not dead. He is alive and all-powerful. He is my protector and my savior. He did something that no one else ever did for me. He gave up His life for me. He bought and paid for me with His blood on the cross. After I have repented of my sins, He forgives and He forgets. He listens to me in the middle of the night and assures me that He is in control. He intercedes for me to our Father over and over again. He steps in and fights my battles for me so I won't get hurt. And most of all, He has not left me here to wonder what is going to happen. He is coming back for me and He is coming back with some new clothes for me. And He is coming back for you too.


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