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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Give up your seat in church on Sunday

The one thing that I love about God is that he quickly gets your attention when you have done something wrong.
I recently got a telephone call from one of my friends and I had to remind her that this Sunday was Easter Sunday. The next words out of my mouth was that I needed to make sure to get to church earlier because of the anticipated crowds.
You know the people who only come to church on the Easter and Christmas.
When I got off of to the phone, God quickly let me have it.
You see, I am one of those people who has that "special" seat in church. The seat that I sit in every Sunday.
So I wanted to get to church early so that I could have my seat.
God reminded me that the last time He checked, the Church belongs to Him. I have no right to "claim a seat"
God had to remind me that perhaps I am getting a little to comfortable in my seating arrangement.
God reminded me that perhaps I need to sit some place else because when the Christian walk become comfortable, He is going to have to stretch me some more.
The most important thing that God had to remind me and that was how dare I make a comment about when someone come to church.
I have no right to judge someone who comes to church and how often they come.
I have no idea what God is doing in someone else's life.
This Sunday might be someones season to turn their life over to Jesus.
So we will be leaving for church at my usual time on Sunday, and will allow God to usher me to my seat.


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