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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Follow-up to Terri Schiavo

I wondered if anyone has the answer to this question:
If Terri Schiavo expressed her desires to her husband not to be kept alive by any type of mechanical form...Why is it that her husband did not know of her possible eating disorder? It would seem that if she was willing to discuss something as important as what to do with her if she was not able to make a decision, I would think that a possible eating disorder should have been well known.
It is possible that she never told her husband about her eating disorder and kept it a secret, but I would think that her husband would have noticed her weight loss.
I wonder if putting this decision in the hands of the Florida is such a great idea.
This is the state that had some problems counting votes a couple of years ago.
This is the state that is trying to figure out how FEMA sent thousands of dollars to Miami during the 2004 hurricane and the storms never went through Miami.
This is the state that lost track of little Ryla Wilson ,who was in the foster care system ,for a year before she was eventually declared killed.
I believe that Terri is here to serve a purpose and she will be here until God says something else.


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